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The M&P Hellfire from Faxon

Faxon Firearms has unveiled their New Ready to ship Custom M&P and Glock slide. I try and briefly break down the pros and cons of getting an aftermarket slide versus a full custom build and the cost effective options of what Faxon is selling.

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MagPump Review

It’s not just a matter of frequency of shooting, or the need to reload magazines fast. Sometimes its a matter of capability, disability, arthritis or missing limbs. There is a lot to consider when looking at items like this that make loading AR-15 magazines easier and Testosterone levels have nothing to do with it.

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GSP•15 GunSport Pro Electronic EarPro Review

In the endless pursuit of optimal hearing protection, we have seen some really interesting options in the firearms world. Everything from super low-tech options including Styrofoam or Foam disposable earplugs, and wadded gaze or paper all the way up to electronic over ear protection ranging in size, decibel ratings, shape and connectivity.

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Boxer Tactical Apogee Belt is Tacti-Classy!

EDC or “Every Day Carry” lately means you need to carry a LOT of stuff. Between knives, flashlights, a firearm, spare magazine, phone, wallet and key, it’s enough to maybe make you look at your pants differently, moreover… your belt.

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Underwood Ammo Extreme Cavitator Rounds

Underwood Ammo has some brand spanking new Extreme Cavitator Rounds that showed some really interesting results in the Ballistic Gelatin provided by Dr. Kote.  Pushing the enrgy dumps further it seemed that while they did not make as big of a initial wound channel compared to hollow points, they did create a longer wound channel.

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The Can Cannon

We were asked to review the The Can Cannon from X Products was made illegal by the BATFE. Somehow someway, this made an “SBR” or Short Barreled Rifle in their holistic views of how firearms work. The originals design was scrapped and they redesigned it to meet the BATFE specifications. This is the new version.

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Drive-By Kit from RE Factor Tactical Re-Purposed

There is nothing worse than wanting to help someone and not having the proper tools to be effective. Watching something terrible unfold that you possibly could have a positive affect on. From day to day life all the way to a war zone, it’s not a good feeling and can be downright gut wrenching. Now while those seem like two completely contrasting environments, they do have a common factor, and that is RE Factor Tactical’s Products.

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