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Flash Hider vs. Compensator

Fireballs look pretty cool, and thats a fact. Some people get off on recoil and the more kick the better for them. Others may see either of these features of a rifle as a downright problem.

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Volquartsen MKII, MK III Accurizing Kit

Have you ever bought something that you just couldn’t help yourself, you just had to tinker with it? The Ruger MK III was that way for me, and with the cost of just about everything around the Ruger, it is far too easy to customize the bejeezus out of it.

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Trojan Tactical Kydex Review

In a time where anyone who has a toaster, YouTube and some blue guns thinks they can make Kydex holsters, Trojan Tactical has put Function before Form, and we were STILL ooohing and aaahhing as we were taking the stills for this review.

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Armory Racks Review

This, is Armory Racks Gun Rack; and it is a fantastic way to organize your safe, add an extra hand to the workbench or many other tasks you can think of applying it to.

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Spartan Village Kydex Review

Kydex is kind of a big deal lately. We know it’s been around for quite some time now, but with the availability of the materials, tutorials on YouTube and the general mentality of “Do-It-Yourself” making a comeback in America has led to a huge uptick in startup Kydex manufacturers.

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GunSlick Gun Cleaner Review

So after going to the Sig Sauer Academy we stopped at a place we can never get within 30 minutes of without ending up at, or blacking out and waking up with a few new guns.

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Frog Lube Review, Pt.1

Per some of our fans and some things we have seen on the internet, we decided to give FrogLube a try. What we found so far though is very promising.

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Survival Straps Unwound

So Whitey and I were working on the BDS Tactical Chest Rig review yesterday and we came to the realization that we had no rope. FINALLY an excuse to use one of our Survival Straps.

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