Have you ever bought something that you just couldn’t help yourself, you just had to tinker with it? The Ruger MK III was that way for me, and with the cost of just about everything around the Ruger, it is far too easy to customize the bejeezus out of it.

This is where Volquartsen comes in. Featured guns on Top Shot during season 3 and 4, Volquartsen Custom knows everything about your shiny new .22LR and more over, how to make it drive tacks like no ones business.

Taking apart the MK III is no easy nor fun task, but it must be done regardless. So why not make it more accurate while you are in there cursing it? To help you out, we have a video coming out this week to assist you in taking the elusive MK III apart, installing a Volquartsen MK III Accurizing Kit, and putting it all back together. Well let me tell you, you will be happy you did if you decide to be one of the brave souls to tinker with the MK III.

The Volquartsen Accurizing Kit comes with extended bolt release, target hammer, target sear, target trigger with overtravel screw, and some nicer springs plunger. No stoning required (not a drug reference). What stoning means, is that the components aren’t just high grade metal, they already come with a high polish and smooth finish so you don’t need a honing stone to make it smoother. You will just screw it up, so leave it alone and enjoy the beautiful parts. And remember, YOU ARE NOT A GUNSMITH! (unless of course, you ARE a gunsmith, in which case, what are you doing here?!?)

The best part about installing a kit like this is, there is no mystery which part is which. It is very easy to lay the parts out and not only KNOW which ones are the superior parts, but every tiny piece of metal reassures you that you made the right decision to brave this challenge. At a glance, not rigorous inspection, you can tell the difference in factory versus Volquartsen, hands down.

Once installed, the trigger breaks at a mind boggling 2 and a quarter pounds, and the trigger reset is so smooth you can barely even tell it re-engaged while wearing gloves. It is as if the sear is made of one smooth piece of glass with no ridges or breaks. Beautiful. Volquartsen Custom make fantastic parts from Accurizing Kits to Sights, from barrels to fully assembled custom weapons.

Customer service is the icing on the cake and I still cannot understand how they manage to grow as much as they have and still maintain that one on one attention that we experienced individually. Monkey and myself on several occasions have called in or emailed or both for help on a part or assembly and the staff at Volquartsen if not the owner himself guided us through. We HIGHLY recommend checking them out. Tinkering, customizing and upgrading a gun is one of the best ways in my opinion to learn more about it and your abilities. I mean seriously, you can’t be a racecar driver if you don’t know how an engine works right?

Did you go out and buy one of these kits…. If you did, check out our install video