We were asked to review the The Can Cannon from X Products was made illegal by the BATFE. Somehow someway, this made an “SBR” or Short Barreled Rifle in their holistic views of how firearms work. The originals design was scrapped and they redesigned it to meet the BATFE specifications. This is the new version.

The Can Cannon, can be found at https://www.xproducts.com/ and is not just some of the most fun you can have with .223 blanks, but can also be a useful tool. There are a couple different accessories for when you aren’t launching cans of Rootbeer or Dr. Thunder. One of which is a pretty effective grappling hook. Not in the batman sense (admittedly, we didn’t try) but useful for when you need to get a line up somewhere in high and hard to reach places.

To provide you with our Full Disclosure: This is the one video we were paid to do and the product was provided to create the video. So if you’re curious, watch it if you want to see how that money was spent. (Spoiler Alert, Two words: Weiner Sabot).

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