EDC or “Every Day Carry” lately means you need to carry a LOT of stuff. Between knives, flashlights, a firearm, spare magazine, phone, wallet and key, it’s enough to maybe make you look at your pants differently, moreover… your belt.

It’s holding your whole world together, lets be honest with ourselves. If you are hiking your pants up several times a day because the belt is not fitting well or properly, it’s time to get a real belt. No, the $15 belt won’t last forever, leather stretches and sags, and everyone who legitimately carries a firearm every day knows… rigidity is the key.

You can spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, like holster, finding the right one. Cobra buckles are a pain, you get fat or skinny and you need a new one. Belts with traditional buckles and holes don’t have enough levels of adjustment to make it perfect and some of the newer styles are really great, but can still be a bit bulky at times.

The Apogee from Boxer tactical is rigid where it counts and flexes everywhere it should. The Biothane material doesn’t stretch, fade, is waterproof and still maintains weight bearing like its scuba webbing dad.The oversized ratcheting mechanism locks the belt securely while not having a cumbersome girth. To top it all off, it doesn’t LOOK like a gun belt. It doesn’t LOOK tactical.

I was honored to be part of the prototype test phase and am really pleased with the final product Boxer Tactical is putting out. The Apogee (and it’s Prototype) have a steady rotation in my daily attire. $100 for a Made in the USA, Sourced in the USA, and Assembled in the USA product from an American company is more than a bargain, its a steal.