Back with more Underwood Ammo and Ballistic Gelatin! This time we are trying out the 300 Blk. Supersonic Controlled Chaos Copper. We already did a Controlled Chaos video and that was with Lehigh Manufacturing ammo machined brass projectiles. The damage there was amazing. With copper and the underwood loads however, this round has been engineered to have amazingly repeatable terminal ballistics from just about ANY 300BLK chambered rifle.

Whether you are shooting up close and personal or all the way past 300m, SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) to 16″ barrel and everything in between, suppressed or not… this round has time after time repeatable performance. Massive energy dumps, huge cavitation, combined with 6 (six) expanding and destructive petals, this round has already checked off the Hunting box with several kill shots on camera in recent history.

Underwood Ammo seems to have a pretty good grasp on how to make ammunition, combine it with Lehigh Defense and their engineering, we are looking forward to seeing more from this partnership.

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