Combining what shooters want most from aftermarket parts as well as what many are actually doing to their GLOCKs. This G34 has all the awesome aftermarket accessories on it you could ask for and it’s priced really well to boot.

Lone Wolf has a laundry list of awesomeness on this pistol so to make it more manageable I will break it down into two sections. Starting with the Timberwolf frame alone is a daunting task. This frame features an extended beavertail with a nice palm swell to aid in a nice low centerline while helping to avoid slide bite. The grip is also a slightly steeper angle, feels a lot thinner and has different sizes for the replaceable backstrap. This frame also has a full picatinny rail in addition to their Slide Melt machining which helps keep a nice clean line and clearance and no “pig-nosing” at the muzzle end of the polymer frame. This allows the big 34 slide glide on the rails smooth and uninterrupted. The magazine well is also flared and aids in really fast reloads. I am not that fast and this pistol makes me look good.

The internals feature a 3.5 lb. connector with a 6 lb. trigger spring. The trigger itself has a fairly long pull however breaks very clean with a sharp reset. The trigger breaks almost fully rearward which is a bit different from what I am used to and surprises you when the shot breaks.The reset is sharp, audible and short for fast follow up shots without slapping the trigger and affecting accuracy. Also notable is the textured and rounded, oversized magazine release making reloads faster without hindering your grip. Magazines fall freely, if not fly out of the grip (not necessarily common with GLOCKs), This Timberwolf Frame is pretty feature packed.

Let’s talk G34 slide. This is one long slab of metal and it usually has a weight reduction cut in the top. The Lone Wolf does not and I fount the extra weight to slide a lot smoother on the recoil direction, but not as much on the management. The slide is manufactured from 416R Stainless Steel and coated in the ever popular Burnt Bronze Cerakote. Cerakote not only takes a lot of abuse in general but also stays looking newer longer and cleans up real nice after lots of abuse. All the pics in this writeup were actually taken after we ran about 500-600 rounds through the pistol and then cleaned up with FireClean. The slide itself has some very clean and very deep 1911 style serrations both front and rear. The front serrations especially come in handy with racking and press checks since the back end of the slide has a Leupold DeltaPoint red dot hard mounted to the slide itself.

The sighting package spares no expense but I felt budgeted in the right areas. The Leupold DeltaPoint is a fantastic red dot for the size and money and a great choice for a pistol mount. It does have some star-bursting which negates the 3.5MOA dot, but not enough to really upset anyone. Plus, the DeltaPoint has amazing field of view even while focusing on the dot itself. Lone Wolf went with the AmeriGlo suppressor height sights which co-witness perfectly with the red dot. Even if the red dot goes out, you have three highly visible tritium dots lined up to stay on target. The slide is even cut to get at all screws, mounts and controls for the red dot and sites way easier and faster than a bare bones GLOCK.

All in all this G34 from Lone Wolf is a great way to get an “out of the box” competition style pistol in a reliable and trusted platform. With so many great features already taken care of for you your pistol can spend more time shooting and less time in the shop. For those that like doing all these modifications on their own or in steps, there is still plenty of pistol and polymer left to keep you busy. I really enjoyed shooting this pistol. It did not really favor the packs of Blazer Brass I was shooting but gave me zero issues with the PMC and Winchester and even hand loads. This leads me to believe I have a bad box of Blazer, especially considering that one of the actual bullet heads fell out of the bullet itself from the same lot. More testing will be done to confirm it is not the brand, or the gun or the shooter.

More details as we shoot this pistol more after Shot Show