If you are looking for speed then look no further than the 24C. If you are looking for a more traditional upgrade then the 24 and 24E are excellent triggers to move up to.

Let’s start with the install, as with trigger systems these days this is usually where some will face the most adversity. Either due to inexperience with removing and installing a fire control system, or just lack of dexterity with small springs under tension. If you have built an AR lower or two this will be no problem for you at all, however if this is your first time then take your time. HIPERFIRE has included installation videos on their site that are thorough and easy to follow to help everyone get their rifle to shoot faster with less creep and trigger pull weight. Noticeable to myself and others was the tightness of the tolerances. From the pins that go through the hammer and trigger, to the springs in there, it is definitely a little more of an exercise on patience if you have never done this before. Tight tolerance are not a bad thing, but for those Mil-Spec fans, prepare to actually have a swiss clock type action versus the comparatively sloppy gritty loose action of the GI trigger group. Take your time and don’t take any shortcuts.

The only main difference between this trigger group and any other (aside from drop-in self contained systems) is the addition of the third set of springs. HIPERFIRE uses another set not common to AR-15 triggers that places a claw over the disconnector and a small barrel mount behind the trigger. These are supports for these extra springs which are available in Light, Med./Light, and Medium to help you customize the pull as much as possible to your personal taste. These springs also aid in the hammer fall (24oz which is harder than any other) strength without inducing more weight on the actual pull. It’s a really neat system that has far more benefits to the shooter. By Sharing the load among multiple spring systems you get the best of both worlds, hammer strength and trigger pull weight without suffering the pitfalls from some other less expensive upgrades. Commonly you will get light strikes or broken springs by simply changing springs or hammers out on a trigger and this trigger group defeats both.

The 24 and 24E models are fantastic upgrades with a superior difference to a Mil-Spec trigger. If you can feel it, the creep and slack is smoother and breaks much shorter with zero grit feel. The reset alone is another night and day difference as it is sharp, audible, tactile and clean. From there you get a very short take up stroke, so short you would need a micrometer to measure and you are back to engaged.

The 24C is in a class by itself. This is a trigger system that internally does not deviate from any of their other models in structure, but the pull weight and slack is halved. I know, I said I need a micrometer to measure it, but it is there as you can see in the video. I would say however that this is a purpose driven trigger system. If you are looking at a trigger to do competition shooting, faster shooting and anything where split times matter, then this model is for you. You can use this model for anything that requires rounds to go downrange, but if you are looking for something for accuracy or consistent “feel” I would steer you more towards the 24E.

The 24C sits further back in the trigger guard than any other trigger I have seen allowing your fingertip to really get in a position to get the finger muscles just right for fast pulls. Taking up some of that space is their HIPERSHOE which seems to be an elastomer/rubber shoe that mounts to the trigger itself. The HIPERSHOE is adjustable for those that pull the trigger higher up, at the bottom or anywhere in between. It’s quite an ingenious system, but does damper the feel a little if you are looking to feel every bit of that trigger on break and reset. By having a flat bar system with the shoe also allows you to have the same consistent pull length no matter where you touch that trigger, another great feature for consistency. Like I said, super fast I would definitely recommend, but for precision shooting, I would prefer the 24E.

If you are looking for a trigger upgrade I would absolutely vouch for HIPERFIRE models. I think they are very well built, a noticeable difference in feel and function and operate better than advertised. My only warning would be to make sure you truly analyze how you shoot and the intended purpose of the rifle when selecting a trigger group from HIPERFIRE. They have 3 different models for just that reason. We all want to be super cool and super high speed but in the end, choosing the best overall system for your needs in your rifle will leave you a much happier experience with your HIPERFIRE upgrade.