The Kel-Tec KSG is off to a pretty good start. We have managed to put more than 1000 rounds through it in four days at the range.

So far every person who has driven by while we were shooting the KSG has stopped and stared, so it’s definitely a head-turner. That being said, I know what everyone is waiting for… No misfeeds, no failure to feeds, no malfunctions at all.

So far this shotgun has taken abuse, it can be shot and chambered sideways, and I’ve gone trap shooting with it (I’ll post video of me not missing a single shot for all to see with the full review). The one thing that I will note is that you have to shoot this shotgun differently than the others. Your right arm cannot sit under the buttstock or the shells eject and hit your wrist. Little things like this can make it take some getting used to.

Hope you enjoy the video, keep checking back for the full blown review after we punish it for 3 months.