The story is as old as time and firearms. Who can shoot better? Who is more accurate? Who can do it blindfolded whilst riding a horse? Friends and their constant testing of each-other’s merit goes all the way back to you and your buddies throwing rocks and acorns as kids.

As we grow older the toys get better but the spirit of good ol’ fashioned ‘merican razzing as you try and best your friends is always there. Ours “razzing” just happens to be at the range today so we turned the cameras on and let them roll. We didn’t expect to catch anything fantastic but wanted to share nonetheless.

There is almost zero educational value to this article or video. However, we wanted to share with our friends and fans what we look like when we aren’t doing a review and just hanging out. We just turned the cameras on and started in on each other. There is roughly 3 hours of footage that had to be cut down for the sake of sanity and time. If you really want to watch us lay into each other about donuts, politics, the cost of ammo and technicalities of junk measuring, well, you’re just going to have to come along some day.

A brief outline of what we “competed” with was we started off with 3 targets, 15 rounds, fastest time with all rounds on target. From left to right you fire 1 on target 1, 2 on target 2 and 3 on target 3. You then reverse and put 4 on target 2 and 5 on target 1. The targets left to right should have 6 holes, 6 holes and 3 holes. Any miss is an instant DQ (We are pretty harsh on each other) as well as ball breaking for the next hour or until you redeem yourself. Whichever comes first.

We did a few mag change drills, similar to how I run my pistol mag change drills with a couple mags, 3 rounds per mag, fastest time. no gear was brought to the range that day so we were pulling mags off the counter instead of from gear, but that’s perfectly fine for us chuckleheads showboating to each other. As it turns out (of course the camera wasn’t on) I can fire 9 rounds total from 3 magazines (3,3,3) as fast as Lou can fire 8 rounds from 2 magazines (4,4). I did not expect that and was actually a little nervous when Superbowl recommended the challenge. That’s not me beating on Lou, but a testament to how far we all have come just from breaking each-other’s stones in a constant battle to one-up the other. Several years ago we were complaining about loading magazines and our thumb dexterity!

At the end of the day, we are all friends. We still have fun at the range and in my eyes, those are some of the best days. We still learn from mistakes and from each other and that benefits everyone. When all is said and done, some friendly shooting is always a good time and if we can all get better while having fun, you can’t ask for a better day.

Stay Safe, Check your chambers.