I just want to go over a few regulations on here today, to start one of many potential conversations about gun laws governing your town.

Before starting off, let’s just say you trusting me with you personal well-being (ie: staying out of jail, getting arrested) is a stupid bet. Prior to following any direction I give you, please make sure to keep in mind that I live in one state out of 50, so I can only guarantee 2% accuracy. This article is to help you understand some of the reasons as to why you should get a concealed carry permit, even if you don’t want to carry concealed.

I have a concealed carry permit simply because there are a lot of things that a permit can protect you from. I have a small trunk problem (talking about my car, not my girlfriend), well its really a matter of putting too much shit in my trunk and never cleaning it but moving on. So spur of the moment range trips sometimes require putting firearms in the passenger cabin of my vehicle. This is a no-no in some states when you don’t have a permit and can get you in some serious trouble if you happen to meet your friendly neighborhood state trooper.

My father is a hunter and had his hunting license taken from him for four years. This was because Mr. Friendly Fish and Game walked up whilst my father was tying his shoes as his loaded rifle sat in the back seat of his car for about 30 seconds. Mr. FFG took his hunting license and put an additional 3 year suspension on it for this.

Well, you guessed it, I’m bring the point back. In this instance a concealed carry permit would have granted my father the right to hunt that day as well as telling Mr. FFG to eat a… well you get the point.

This article is simply written so you can take a look at how something you may not feel you need actually offers you protection for things that could be simple everyday occurrences and not even close to unsafe. Protect yourself and find out what your state’s firearm laws are as well as concealed carry laws. You may be doing yourself a favor. Again, research for yourself, laws change every day.

Here are some helpful references… again, make sure they are accurate. The best bet is to call the police station in your governing town and ask any questions you may have! I am just some guy on the Internet no matter how bad-ass I claim to be.