It wasn’t Cheap, but it was easy (no pun intended). We put 1000 Rounds of 380 ACP through the new Shield 380EZ and I have to say… it may be the best Shield yet. Having fired almost every variation of calibers of the S&W top selling CCW pistol, this one hits the sweet spot for not just new and inexperienced shooters, but those with experience and appreciation for ease of use.

I generally am not a fan of more “safety” or should I say more safety MECHANISMS on a Conceal Carry oriented pistol. However, it makes absolute sense on this Sub Compact.

Some of the biggest hurdles for New Shooters, Older Shooters, the Fairer sex and more is simple things experienced shooters take for granted. Loading a magazine, Racking a slide are the top two (this is how you get stupid things like offering the ladies revolvers exclusively). Then you have recoil and recoil management…

Smith & Wesson did a great job getting all of those items easier to use for ANYONE and still making a solid straight and reliable shooter. Watch the video to see how.