We are currently running more rounds through her, putting her through the paces, running different optics and utilizing the Magpul MBUS 2 flip up sights that come with this particular package. This is just our first impressions of this rifle with a detailed review to follow in the near future.

One of the first things I noticed was the weight. An all polymer upper receiver, lower receiver and even rail and charging handle are all polymer. Crazy to me since I generally fire all aluminum .223/5.56 and am used to the relatively light weight of an AR. This thing is about half the weight of a standard AR and instantly lends itself to shooters of all ages, sizes and skill levels. The bolt, barrel springs and trigger group are all metal and you would never even know if all you had to go on was recoil and operation.

The parts, despite their weight seem well built and sturdy. The size and shape offer a familiar feel and setup to most configurations in the popular AR market. In addition, the Magpul furniture and sights are very common and add to the value and flexibility for you to customize this weapon similar to an AR you may already have for an inexpensive training supplement. The individual part that stood out to me the most was the actual magazine. This thing feels rock solid and although it only came with one, I instantly picked up another and had to really hunt down a genuine S&W .22 LR magazine as the 3rd party offerings just didn’t have the quality or finish on them that the S&W one did.

Since the video I have already put about 250 rounds through this rifle and while that sounds like a lot, it was an absolute blast to shoot. I have not had this much fun with an AR in a long time. Maybe it’s because 1,000 rounds doesn’t cost me $500, maybe it’s because of my love and comfort for the AR platform, maybe it’s just awesome. I will have more details and feedback after I get a lot more rounds though her (poor me) and we will let you know our findings. My initial thoughts and opinions are pretty clear in the video but by all means, watch it and let me know if I seem disappointed.

Stay safe, check your chambers!