We have been testing the SRM1216 for a couple weeks so far and it is fun! This is a different system all together, it hasn’t been done before and it is simple. I think the most important part of this idea is that it’s simple, less moving less fail. There is roughly 2 added parts in the SRM1216 over any major brand name auto load shotgun.

In our time doing this site I have yet to find a gun that can help me get rid of ammunition as quickly as this one. The magazine loads easy, the trigger is crisp and it’s smooth to shoot. Recoil is normal for a 12 GA auto load shotgun. The gun sits in your shoulder in a way I wish I could explain, I’l figure it out before the final review but it is comfy to hold. The operating form of the weapon is simple and intuitive with a 45 degree safety that is almost instinctual to flip up and down.

We have encountered a very minor problem with the SRM1216 so far but we will talk about that on the full review once we have gotten it back repaired. So far this is a fun gun to shoot. We are going to shoot another thousand rounds or so out of the SRM1216 and put out a full review after it returns. As always thanks for reading.

Manufacturer – SRM Arms
Import/Export company – www.1216shotgun.com