So I went out to the range to shoot my new Springfield XDS this morning. I posted a picture on Facebook and a lot of you had asked about accuracy, fit and finish, my thoughts… So I decided I would film this video and post it to the site with some of my initial thoughts.

The Trigger

A little spongy but it breaks very clean, I need to practice with it but it isn’t bad at all and did not hinder my accuracy.


Overall I put about 90 rounds through it this morning, given I have not owned a .45 at any point this year or shot any others, I think I did well. The gun is accurate and I am the limitation at the moment. 

Fit and Finish

This gun is quality, the machining is sharp and on purpose. The serrations on the slide are crisp and don’t slip away from your hand. The grip is aggressive but not in a way that makes it uncomfortable to carry concealed up against bare skin.

These are my very first thoughts on this gun. I have seen complaints about the trigger and a few about feeding issues. I have 100 rounds through it with no malfunctions and on top of that I love the trigger. I will post up a very lengthy review after I have played with the Springfield XDS for a while. Any questions please let us know. Stay safe and stay tuned!