Is that Robo Cop’s gun? I’m pretty sure that is an Airsoft gun right? That looks like a CZ why is it so expensive? These are the questions I have heard since posting pictures of this gun all of which made me chuckle a little.

SPHINX Arms was bought out by KRISS in 2010. The SDP Compact may look like something strait out of Robocop but let me tell you this is not your average handgun. The SDP and SDP compact will begin shipping in the US shortly with no verified date at this point.

The craftsman ship in this handgun is like no other. After taking it apart and cleaning it you can tell one thing about the SDP, this gun defines tight tolerances. If you took one of these apart thinking all of the parts were hand fit you would believe it without a question of a doubt. I shot about a 4 inch group and 25 feet my first two magazines (In the video below) with this gun which wasn’t all that bad. After putting a few more rounds through it I got my grouping down to about 2 inches at 30 feet.

Take a look and let us know what you think. We will be doing a full review on this competition ready handgun coming up shortly (As soon as we come across a large amount of 9mm). We just wanted you to see past the appearance and get a little taste for what you are in for. As always post up any comments, and don’t forget to hit like on the video!