Over the past year I have developed a soft spot for all 22 caliber boom sticks. You can say what you want about how little they are and I really couldn’t agree with you more. I have shot a lot this year – slightly under 20,000 rounds in all calibers – because of the website and articles like these.

One important thing I can tell you is that 22s are really cheap practice. I was depressed about cheaping out on my first Ruger and getting the lowest model I could, so I went and traded it in for the new Ruger 22/45 Lite.

This gun already has about 2700 rounds through it and so far it has been a good little gun. It’s accurate for a 4.5 inch barrel and while I think the trigger pull is in need of some help, it could be easily remedied with a Volquartson trigger upgrade. I’ve enjoyed shooting with it and can’t wait to throw some suppressors on it as it should be a pretty good host for that party.

There is one thing I really really really really really really really really really… you get the point… really dislike about the 22/45 Lite. The magazine almost never seats fully in the gun. One way around it is literally bashing the bottom of the mag well three or four times on every magazine. This gets a little old on magazine number 100 at the range and I’m sure it is something Ruger will look into before the full review. That’s all for now, check back for the full written review after we have have some more time to torture one of my favorite guns.