The purpose behind the reload drills video is not to become some super tacti-cool wannabe gunslinger, it is to practice. I have said it before and I will say it again, having car keys does not a race car driver make.

As with just about everything in life, repetition and consistency help you get faster and more efficient. If there was anything you owned that you had to prioritize practicing on, don’t you think something that could save or take a life would be a top priority?

Before I explain this, let’s go over what you need:

  1. The holster you carry, whether its a range holster or your Conceal Carry holster, practice how you carry.
  2. 2-3 magazines
  3. 50-100 rounds of ammo, you can shoot more but this is about practicing reloads not magazine emptying
  4. A magazine holster or carry the way you normally carry spare mags.
  5. Ear Protection and Eye Protection
  6. A Safe environment or range that allows you to draw.

This is a very easy drill to replicate and you can can save money on ammo by practicing the motions with empty magazines. You can easily practice with snap caps (dummy rounds) as well. I highly recommend going through about a dozen empty magazine reloads before considering actually loading.

Side Note: If you can’t hit the paper in a consistent group from the distance you are shooting at, this drill may need to wait for live fire.

Practice, Practice, Practice and you will get smoother and faster through repetition.