Sight Paint is an inexpensive way to either restore old or damaged sights, as well as a way to change the colors to help differentiate front post dot from rear dots. Sight paint isn’t for everyone and can be viewed in many ways.

I personally have no problem with saying, I have difficulty with certain weapons, seeing and aligning the front post. What is worse, admitting you need assistance or blaming the weapon/sights or parts for your own inadequacy? Personally, I would rather hit what I am aiming at.

Picked up Bright Sights from Amazon (no, really…they actually carry a lot of gun stuff) for I believe $8.95, WAY cheaper than a new front sight. I have no problems with the factory 3 dot system, I just wanted a better differentiator between the two. Similar to many revolvers I have, I went bright orange on the front which looks pretty good in the pictures.

Watch the brief video and see how simple it is.

You will need:
Clean Patches
Hoppes no.9 solvent
Bright Sight Sight Paint