A lot of time and repetitions are generally needed for true proficiency and confidence with a firearm. Training, instruction and mentoring bolsters that by helping with errors, providing feedback and correction. More rounds downrange (square range or otherwise) is also a positive step forward in becoming a better shooter. Furthermore… these skills are perishable. I have said it before and I will say it again, buying a guitar does not make you a rockstar and buying a gun does not make you safer. Both require practice, instruction, and more practice.

The Essentials Target from RE Factor Tactical is thus far one of the best methods we have seen to not only maintain those skills but to also improve upon them. The claim to fame is with 150 rounds of ammo, their course of fire that correlates to the paper target and proper execution… you get a full pistol workout. A tall order until you see the drills and target sizes, and more so when you try it. I honestly hope they make it an app or something because it is very useful and thorough.

From 25 yards all the way down to 3 yards and everything in between. Off hand shooting, support hand shooting, from the holster, low ready and even turns and 180’s this course of fire and target get you the most of your range time. And some of us truly know that going to a full day course or a weekend course to get these reps and instruction in can be a high cost. Now, I am not saying this replaces proper training and instruction. Not at all. But it is very supplemental and helps aid that degeneration of skills. Used frequently enough and even the addition of a shot timer you can now have a scaleable diagnostic tool for improvement and proficiency with shooting.

Overall I like it, I like the costs of training coming down with performance going up. Doing that in a shorter time frame is even better. It’s like the 8 minute abs for shooting except it works. I really am looking forward to seeing more drills and courses, definitely worth buying and shooting more than paper plates and old pizza boxes. Check them out!