Keep in mind that I am not a professional. I am not a certified instructor, hell I am a friggin gun loving yahoo just like you. The difference is that I can take the mocking I receive when people razz me about “practice?”.

Listen, you want to get better at anything, it takes time and repetition. You can’t be a race car driver if someone else is shifting gears for you, or in this case, you are shifting at your own pace on the practice track.

This video takes you through the routine I use for Mag Change Drills. In the video you will see me fumble my first mag, you will see me have a horrible index and load and finally, a (what I thought was) weapon malfunction. Turns out I was holding DOWN the slide catch with my thumb with the grip I was using.

The video helps me identify problems, and I have no qualms about showing you my failures if it helps make you better.

Remember, strapping a gun to yourself and thinking you’re ready to defend yourself or others is no different than buying a guitar and calling yourself a musician.