This is my first time… I’m nervous… I don’t know what to do with it… It’s just sitting there waiting for me to grab it. That’s how I felt the first time I went to look at handguns too. It’s uncomfortable and awkward, you look like a n00b and the guy dressed in real tree on the other side of the counter is most likely going to treat you like an ass.

Don’t worry, its like your first time in a bar eventually you learn how to deal with people in this environment… whether you like it or not you WILL learn. Just remember its a gun not a toy, its always loaded and as much as you may not like Mr. Realtree do not point the gun at him or anyone else. Find a direction you can safely point the firearm in with no living object in your way. Now I am personally kind of a dick so the last time I was treated like a n00b at a gun shop I talked to the owner and now Mr. Realtree has a clearly labeled name tag so people can identify those not being helpful.

You will have to change the interaction into one that will benefit you in most cases. Ask questions about the firearm. What Caliber does this come in? Are there any other guns you would recommend like this one based on the look, feel, price, caliber? Let them show you what they know. Some of the most helpful people I have met in gun shops were total jerks, after a few quick comments and some ball busting they are now some of the most helpful people that I have met, after all Mr. Realtree may have forgotten more about firearms than you know. Just remember they are a resource and you just need to help them to help you.

That’s it, the gun is always loaded, it’s good etiquette to set the handgun down with the slide locked back so everyone sees it is not loaded. Be safe, respectful and make sure you remember you are a customer and don’t let people treat you like any less of a customer than the guy next to you dressed in full camo. Just remember we are here to help. We have been there and done it for firsts in the gun industry and want to help anyone with any question. We may bust each other up on the website but the only stupid question with firearms is the one that gets someone killed because it was never asked. Be safe and please remember we are here as a resource to anyone new or experienced.