I can’t tell you how you will use your SBR, however, I would be willing to bet that not many occasions will arise when you will be shooting more than a quarter mile with any caliber that uses the AR15 rifle platform. There are certainly a lot of variables once you get farther and farther away, the biggest issue I had filming this video was the cook time of the round (The time the round was ready to fire, the longer it is loaded, the longer it has to heat up). We shot the first magazine and I landed 15 out of 20 shots after getting the optic sighted in. After the rifle warmed up, I started noticing that the round would have to be in the chamber for roughly the same amount of time in between rounds to achieve consistent shot placement.

These are normal things to consider when shooting this kind of distance. Your two options are shooting a heavy round traveling at a slower velocity, or a lighter round at a higher velocity which exaggerates bullet movement in flight. I felt it was a good point to bring to your attention as it’s more noticeable when compared to a larger caliber rifle. Keep in mind I’m a gun blogger, but by no means an expert marksman, so this is really just to demonstrate that it can be done with some consistency.

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