We received the KelTec RFB a couple weeks ago and put a SightMark Optic on it both of which will be doing full reviews on relatively soon. The RFB (Rifle, Forward ejecting Bullpup) so far has been a pretty nice rifle and has a few things I have come accustom to seeing with KelTec weapons.

The RFB has 4 take down pins that pull the rifle apart, so field stripping is pretty easy, the first few times are a nightmare but after you slide the pins in and out a few times there is much less swearing involved and it takes less than a minute to disassemble and another minute or so to reassemble the rifle.

So far we have only had loading related issues. Keep in mind there has been no adjustments made to the gas piston system. Prior to putting up the first impression all I have really done was sighted it in with the optic. Right inside the user guide they instruct you on how to change the amount of gas used to cycle the rifle which I have yet to actually adjust and suspect it will resolve any feeding problems that have been present.

The one thing I really like about this rifle is how familiar it feels. I don’t mean that it feels the same as anything else because it’s much different from what I shoot every day. If you look at the fire controls you will notice that they line up with the AR15 form factor. Provided you don’t grip the magwell on your AR when shooting you will feel right at home with the RFB and the controls feel almost instinctive.

So far the RFB is another refreshing surprise from KelTec, they tend to make things differently than other companies as they design with a purpose in mind and stick to it. This is the first universally ambidextrous rifle I have seen and look forward to getting back out to the range next week to get it dialed in. Stay Tuned for the full written review coming up soon along with the SightMark Optic review.