It really is a privilege in this day and age to be able to shoot full auto. It is not as easy as most people think to acquire or own fully automatic weapons.

We have been fortunate enough to have met and continue to have a great relationship with Umlaut Arms. He has a lot of cool, fun weapons he lets us shoot, and on top of it all he’s a great guy too. Someday, he will let me shoot with the viking hat on.

Now, the task at hand. The H&K UMP 40. By far, to date my favorite gun of all we have shot over the past year. Pistols, shotguns, rifles and even Umlaut’s own full auto U4 Berserker… the UMP 40 was my favorite this year. It is light, it is balanced, it has a great overall length and it shoots with almost no recoil. The folding stock looks angular and rigid, and it is, but you never even notice it. The lines on this futuristic masterpiece are engineered to look as good and solid as she runs.

As you can see in the slow motion segment as well as full speed, the recoil mitigation and muzzle flip is almost non-existent. A bigger and higher pressure round than the 9mm with almost no wobble and very easy to keep on target, even on the move. It is light, it is comfortable, packs a punch and looks gorgeous… even for polymer. Gorgeous.

This isn’t a full review or even a “first impressions” write-up. This is me trying to share how cool of a weapon this is, and if I can ever afford one, I will. (NFA, tax stamp as well as the cost which is significantly higher than the semi-auto version, yada yada yada) I would take the UMP 40 over the P90 any day of the week, but I am sure Superbowl would disagree. Enjoy the video!