Umlaut Industries swung by the range with some full auto P90 goodness… I think I can throw SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) on there as well. Since the inception of FourGuysGuns the P90 was “The One” that I thought I would never get to shoot in full auto and it was my personal goal, which up until now had just been a Call of Duty induced dream.

The P90 is currently in use by the secret service due to being the closest thing you can get to a conceal carry rifle. The 5.7×28 ammunition that the P90 or PS90 uses is quite an amazing round, it is preferred by secret service and law enforcement in 40 other countries to carry because of the penetration power. If you need to shoot something on the other side of a door, well you shoot the door. This weapon system was the first in a long time to be a completely re-engineered design which you will see on the brief takedown in the video.

None of us can own this gun as it is a post ban LEO sample but if you ever get the opportunity to shoot one I highly recommend it. Just remember to bring your wallet as this costs about $10 a second to shoot with a high cyclical rate and expensive ammo. Make sure you click the good ole like and subscribe button if you dig our channel.