Enter the L-3 EOTech XPS2-Z “Zombie Stopper.”

Built on the same framework and quality our armed forces and LEOs have been known to swear by and trust, the XPS2-Z is everything the world has come to expect from an EOTech sight. It takes a pounding, holds zero, is highly visible, clear and has a clean target acquisition… we could go on for days.

What separates this model from its older brother, the XPS2, are some new spins on what a lot of new gun enthusiasts are clearing the shelves for… ZOMBIE gear. Lots of big names are doing it but only a few can say they are doing it right. EOTech took a great product and merely added some flair to it. With a cool reticle fashioned in a biohazard symbol they were still able to incorporate their 65 MOA circle and their 1 MOA dot. This aids in range estimation as well as provides a level of consistency with shooters who have used EOTech sights before.

On the outside, again, tough, rugged blued metal shroud protects the glass and laser. It is tagged with some laser etched graphics that help set it apart from the rest. Biohazard symbol on the top and a skull with the words “Zombie Stopper” on the left-hand side. On the right, all business with windage and elevation. And all this runs on a single CR123 battery for about 600 hours on max brightness. It isn’t a heavy optic and because it’s built on the XPS2 framework, it takes up less rail so you can add a magnifier with rail to spare. Considering most “Zombie Gear” comes in a variety of neon greens, red and oranges, all the etchings on the outside still maintain EOTech’s professional aesthetic.

I have shot using EOTech sights before, Monkey has an XPS2-2 and Lou and Superbowl run a 512 I think, or as we call it… the banana. I am really growing fond of them and this Zombie Stopper is not helping my wallet, that’s for sure. Say what you want about the zombie culture. Love it or hate it, it is one more factor aiding in getting new shooters interested in gun ownership in a wider array of demographics than we have ever had in our country’s history. If your buddy wants a Zombie Stopper, know he is getting an EOTech, and it’s still a bad ass optic.