Jon Chaos came to New Hampshire for “The Shoot Heard Round The World” we got to spend some time at the range the day before playing with a few of the unique firearms Jon brought with him.

If you haven’t seen an of his videos check out his YouTube Channel – Chaos311Clarity .

I have wanted to shoot a Desert Eagle ever since we started this site. They are tremendously oversize and pushing the boundaries of what anyone would effectively need for stopping power short of a rifle. In fact this is pretty much identical to a piston driven AR. It has the same bolt type and a short stroke piston. If you ever have the ability or opportunity to shoot one of these I highly recommend it. The muzzle flash extends about 7 feet in front of the gun when fired, blinds you at night and has a hell of a lot of recoil.

Would I ever carry one for personal protection… absolutely not, but this gun is definitely a fun peice to shoot at the range! Check out the video and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel!