So it has been a few weeks since the FourGuysGuns website went live and we have done better than any of us could have imagined. About 1/3 of our articles have been generated from submitted ideas from people who have been visiting our site. We have garnered huge support on both Facebook and Twitter, so we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you!

The purpose of this article is to explain why we are here. We were all just sitting around in a bar one night and the idea for FourGuysGuns came from us talking about a bunch of chuckleheads we had to deal with when buying something (I don’t remember what). We decided to make a site with a little ball-busting, where people could go to get friendly advice for all the questions they would otherwise be treated like a moron for asking.

We will always answer questions for our viewers. If it isn’t enough for an article you will get an email from one of the four of us. We will not post crap… we are better than that. None of us have any blogging, writing, photography or filming experience outside of day-to-day so we do not claim to be experts in the field of well… writing stuff like this.

One thing we are good at is ridiculing each other on the “crap” produced by one another until we feel it is good enough for you! Please, don’t forget we are here because we want to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask, and please keep checking our site for new material, we can’t wait until we need more than four of us to help all our viewers out!

Thank you again, without any of you we would just be a bunch of guys writing articles for our friends… and that would be weird. More material coming tomorrow. Please keep sharing us. With more viewers we can do some pretty amazing stuff with the contacts we have been building with more than 20 manufactures large and small.