Do you clean your gun? I hope so, since a dirty gun is unreliable and prone to misfeed, double feed, jam or failure in many ways. Extended failure to clean the gun leads to parts malfunctioning, breaking and corrosion. Is that what you want out of your gun?

Unreliability, instability and just plain old filth? No sir! I have used several different popular tools, kits, sprays and solvents in the past few years and one that truly stood out to me is M-Pro7. After all, one bottle of cleaner and patches is definitely cheaper than the gun you just bought.

I use different cleaners for different tasks and different weapons I own, and I encourage everyone to use what works best for them and their needs, but if you have some spare money hanging out, you should definitely give M-Pro7 a try.

Unload weapon and spray on parts, let soak 0-5 minutes. Re-apply and use a bristle brush and patches to clean.

That easy. The brevity of the directions made me a little cautious, but I followed the explicitly. It smells like light hand soap, bubbles and sticks at first, is slick to the touch… and then slowly you begin to see carbon, fouling and grime melting away. Reapply and use bristle brush, nylon and brass for those that don’t know, I am not responsible for you taking your grill cleaning kit to a weapon. Everything foams up to a good lather and you feel less and less grit as you scrub. Wiping with a patch or rag leads to instant gratification as you are greeted by what seems to be a brand new piece of metal in your hands.

What about the bore, what about copper deposits? Let me tell you, I have never seen a river of blue turquoise flow out of a barrel the way it did after some liberal sprays in the barrel of my AR-15.

I recommend M-Pro7 to many new gun owners, not because others are not good, but because even to the untrained or inexperienced eye, clean is clean.

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